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January 17, 2008
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Water elemental, commission by ming85 Water elemental, commission by ming85
Commission for :iconpyratictiger: based on her detailed description.

Earth elemental: [link]
Air elemental: [link]

Could've made this water fresh, bright and happy, but decided to go for the creepy deepsea- theme, because it fitted the description of the character better.

MAKING OF --> [link] (big jpg file)


DESCRIPTION written by the talented [link]

Feline Guardian:
He prowls the depths, ever watchful of his charge. The darkness of his coat blends with the deep sea bed, while the white and blue stripes illuminate his way, announcing to the world that here is a danger to behold.

That here is a creature not of this world, yet is one who seems to be much, much more real than anything else. He is always silent, always calm and indifferent. For he knows his capabilities, and knows that he needs not to announce it to the world. All he needs to be, is just to Be.

And when the time comes for him to act, act he shall, with the power of the thundering waves and fierce currents. With the speed of the rapids and the shockingly chilling ruthlessness of ice.
For no one will threaten his Bonded. No one, nor nothing.

Anje, Mistress of the oceans, the rivers, the streams and the lakes. She embodies all that is liquid and solid; so long as Water is present, so is she.

She is a loner, one who keeps away from all the hubrub of the Gods and Goddesses. Though this seems to mark her as indifferent, she actually does so to prevent herself from becoming involved. Her emotions run deep - too deeply - such that even the slightest thing may trigger a reaction in her.

And yet if requested, she will present herself and allow the use of her abilities. For not only does she preside over the element of Water, but she may feel the run of emotions in others the same way she is able to sense the currents that run deep in the oceans.

Amongst the elementals, she is the third born. Thus, she feels responsibility not in the way that Earth does. She instead takes responsibility as an honour; as something that she should do, not something she needs to do. She is unquestioning in her duties, confident that what she does is Right. And should she ever have a doubt, she takes it upon herself to investigate.

However, there is always a deep-set sadness about her. She is one who grieves for the consequences of her actions; she is aware that there will always be a casualty whether it be for the wrong or the right. Her emotions are an ode to the victims, and her only mercy for their foes.

Character © pyratictiger
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ThomasTacoman Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2013
I would like to use the image in a Magic Set Editor custom project. It is really just a pet project, no profit, purely for fun. If you'd like to know more, please feel free to ask for the details. If you'd prefer if I didn't, just say. Thank you.
ming85 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2013
I normally wouldn't mind, but since this is a commission you would need to ask permission from the commissioner (see description). If she agrees, I see no problem. Please do send me link if you intend to use/post the finished result online!
SherlynTheGreat Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2013
Wow , by Far , my FAVORITE Price of art on Deviant Art ! I love it , and the Air one is a very , VERY Close second XD
ming85 Featured By Owner May 2, 2013
Aww thank you that's a really big compliment :)
theonetruefish Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Student General Artist
the glowing and colours on this reminds me of Kida from Atlantis, towards the end of the movie where she becomes possessed by the gods.
ming85 Featured By Owner May 2, 2013
I love that scene! Maybe subconsciously influenced by it :)
rafaytausif Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2012
RyuukaTamura Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2012  Student Filmographer
No fire elemental? D:
kohaku-dono Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2011
This is just incredible!
SymphonyOfHorror Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2011
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